Redirect one domain to a subfolder inside another domain

October 22, 2019 96 views
Nginx Networking


I have and

I would love to figure out how to tell both the DNS and Nginx to redirect to a folder inside the domain.

Ideally all these permutations

Redirect the user to a subfolder inside of at

Please let me know

1) What DNS records I would need for, and

2) What Nginx rule(s) I would need for, and

Thank you!

1 Answer

Hi @digitaldev,

Using DNS for a HTTP redirection is not possible with just DNS. There are companies providing DNS forwarding though.

As for the Nginx rules, now that’s possible.

You can server_name which supports suffix matches using syntax:

server {
  rewrite ^$request_uri? permanent;
or on any version 0.9.1 or higher:

server {
  return 301$request_uri;


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