Redirecting domain in apache2.conf

March 1, 2018 602 views
Apache Ubuntu 16.04

This is an odd question - I need to redirect traffic from https to http temporarily. I had a cert on our old, self-hosted server but don't have one yet on our DO server as I'm still learning my way around the command line and waiting on our CA to issue the cert.

Anyway, visitors to the old site with the cert now go to the new site and are unable to connect because their browser defaults to https thus making the site unreachable. Until I get the updated cert in place, I wanted to redirect all traffic from https to http temporarily and then reverse that once the cert is working.

I tried a couple of tutorials but didn't find anything definitive and the few changes I did make either did nothing or caused the site to lock up until I removed the offending code.

Can anyone tell me how to do this redirect?

Many thanks in advance.

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