redli set config keyspace

September 5, 2019 46 views
DigitalOcean Redis

Hi there!

We are implemenitng redis database offered by Digitalocean. Currently having troubleshooting on configuring the database. We are aware that redis does not support SSL/TLS support therefore digital ocean offers us to coonect redis-daatase with redli not with redis-cli whereas redli supports connection with TLS.

Our team used some configuration for redis as follows below:
config set notify-keyspace-events Ex

With redli we are not able have this feautures, indeed we should set this config.
We are able to connect to database for project we should set this config, unfotunately redli does not support set this config.

What we tried:
We could not connect to server where database is set.
Thought may be stunnel, but not solution for this issue.

Any possibilities to connect redis database with redis-cli or any solution for setinng this conf on the server side.

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