Referral traffic not being reflected in dashboard

April 28, 2018 853 views
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I am running a referral ad on Facebook for my referral link. It’s getting lots of traffic, the audience has been optimised, the ad content is good. It’s got a relevancy score of 10, so plenty of clicks - but this isn’t being reflected in my referral statistics?

Are they delayed on DO end?


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Where are you trying to view these traffic stats?

I believe you need to read the terms on referrals and understand how they work.

Basic(s) = Person A (DO Member) refers Person B
Person B receives 10$ Credit to do awesome things
After the 10$ runs out and person B spends 25$ …
Person A receives 25$ to do more awesome things

The starts on this you can see in the billing and referrals sections of your account.

If you are running Facebook and/or Google campaigns with your referral
link you will need to refer to those services for stats.

Note that these campaigns may be in violation of the DO referral program(s).

@shivanand In my DO dashboard, my Facebook Business ad account shows a lot of clicks on the link, but the DO dashboard shows only 5 and has remained the same for a few days, yet the ad account shows clicks improving every hour?

I’m not talking about referrals, I know how the referrals work @jasonjpeters I am talking about clicks. Secondly, I don’t think it’s in violation of DO program, I’m not directly bidding on digital ocean keywords as it’s audience based, rather than keyword based.

[] <— stats from Facebook ad account as of this morning.

[] <— DO dashboard for 2 days

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