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June 15, 2017 2.2k views

I can not understand the tag information provided by Digital Ocean.
How do you set up tags in Droplest?
Please explain in more detail.

Thanks you


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You click “More” and then click “Add/edit tags” on the list of your droplets.

  • I think I asked the wrong question.

    I am curious about what to tag in Droplet.

    Whether you are tagging firewalls or other information.

    • You tag it with information you want to know about that droplet, such as “webserver”.

      • Say for example if I had tagged “firewall” on my droplet, than how will the related information be sent to me

        Will it be sent to my email account or will a link be provided with the related information?

Hi @supportcae324458623fb19cda

Have a look at this tutorial - or have a look at “Where to Go From Here”:

If you’re interested in tags in general, have a look at this tutorial:

by Michael Lenardson
DigitalOcean offers tags, a feature allowing you to apply custom labels to a Droplet. You can tag more than one Droplet with the same label, then use it to view a filtered list of Droplets that share that particular tag. In addition to filtering, the DigitalOcean API allows you to initiate an action across multiple Droplets with the same tag. Identifying groups of Droplets and administering all of them at once reduces the time required to manage resources.
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