Remade webserver and changed domain records, but one website still resolving to old droplet?

November 2, 2017 854 views
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Hey everyone.
three days ago I created my first droplet and fell in love with the digital ocean service.
today i accidently did something to goof my webserver and decide i wanted a fresh start.
so i loaded up a new droplet and got everything set up back to what it was. two websites on apache.
after finishing the server i went to domains on digital ocean and changed the A & CNAME records on both domains.
but now i have a problem. one website now resolves to the new droplet, but the other site keeps resolving to the old droplets IP address. even though i changed the record in digital ocean to the new droplets IP.
Any ideas on how i can get it up and running again?

--EDIT-- seems to be just for my mac latptop. i checked the ip on a different computer and it comes back with the correct ip address

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If you are on Windows, clearing browser history helps. Also you should open "cmd" and type this.

ipconfig /flushdns


Hope it helps, thanks.

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