Remote access to MySQL not working after following a ton of tutorials. What am I missing?

November 9, 2017 2.9k views
MySQL Firewall Ubuntu 16.04

I've changed bind-address to and today changed it to the IP of my server which still doesn't work. The MySQL user I'm trying to connect with has host set as % and I've of course restarted MySQL a bunch of times. To test if the connection works I'm using XAMPP for windows and running "mysql -h SERVERIP -u user -p" to see if I can connect which it cannot. (Error 10060)

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Woet November 9, 2017
Accepted Answer

MySQL is a plaintext protocol, do not expose it to the internet and use it over a SSH tunnel instead.

  • Hmm yes true. It's probably really easy to monitor the traffic and find the details I use. I'll look into how to secure this. This project I'm working on is really small and will mostly be passed to a few friends at best but I'm using this as a learning experience so I will want to have it as secure as possible.

    • You don't have to look into it. I told you: SSH tunnel.

      • Yeah well I do need to look into how to get a SSH tunnel working with C# and I also lack experience with SSH overall but I'm sure there are many examples out there.

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