Remote Administration of Managed Databases

Posted August 20, 2019 3.1k views

I have several questions.

  • Is remote management of Managed Databases acceptable (I know there are security implications)?

  • What graphical user interfaces are recommended (if any) for remote management of Managed Databases?

  • Is phpMyAdmin a feasible option for Managed Databases (or too high a security risk)?

I have several users that I would like to allow access so they can manage their own databases. I am looking for good solutions for them to be able to do so without needing to use a command line.

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Hi @SunSparc,

As long as you actually secure the GUI, it’s okay to have one. I would recommend phpMyAdmin if you have other people wanting to manage their databases.

As for a secure implication, I’ll recommend you to add captcha to the login page of phpMyAdmin

Captcha on phpMyAdmin

Go to google recaptcha page GOOGLE RECAPTCHA in order to retrieve site key and secret key.

Register a new site

Enter the server ip or hostname, domain you want to access the phpMyAdmin with, then hit Register button, now you will see site key and secret key. Copy the keys we’ll need this in a moment.

Now, find your installation of phpmyadmin. If you are not sure where it’s installed, try with

locate phpmyadmin

Go there and find the config.We’ll need to rename the phpmyadmin config file :


now add this line at the end of the file or your choice where you want to add it :

$cfg['CaptchaLoginPublicKey'] = '6Le0u0MUAAAAAIBXeZunSpZ14hw6v9(EOqnfyCXz73'; 
$cfg['CaptchaLoginPrivateKey'] = '6Le0u0MUAAAVeRQPx4SBxRFzaqwqqweIqvW7d1z80FD53BB';

where :
$cfg[‘CaptchaLoginPublicKey’] = ‘Site key’
$cfg[‘CaptchaLoginPrivateKey’] = ‘Secret key’

That’s it! You now have captcha enabled on phpmyadmin!

One more thing, make sure you are forcing https, otherwise someone might take the password of your users without them knowing it!

Kind regards,
Kalin D.