Remote web browsing on droplet

Posted November 20, 2014 14.2k views

Hi. Can I use the droplet like a remote machine ? So for instance can i run a web browser refreshing a page every five minutes or so and leave that running ?And if so, will it run flash/audio. What would be the best droplet set up for this ?

Hope that makes sense.Thanks !

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Why do you want to do this?

  • So I can get stats up for a band on a website

  • it is possible. Can you elaborate a little more? You want a browser to open a site on your droplet…or do you want a browser that is running on your droplet?

    Also, the site that is open will be refreshing every five minutes…that should not be too difficult with some javascript..

  • Thanks Sierracircle,

    Essentially id like to have a browser running on the droplet and have it running when I log out, so its running as a process all day. I have no problem setting up any refresh code needed etc, thats all straight forward. It would basically just be playing videos and music via soundcloud and other sites.

    I have tried on a windows server but the audio setup always seems to be an issue with Remote desktop , it won’t run when not connected

  • Ok. I hear that you would like to have a browser running 24/7 on your droplet. This is possible, just using VNC to start up a remote session.

    that tutorial should work for 14.04
    I have some additional scripts you can add that will start Firefox when vnc starts.

    However, I am wondering if that browser running might suck up all of your bandwidth for that droplet.

    Just brain-storming here..

    Do you have a little desktop-pc you could set up in your house or garage? You could install Ubuntu on a little machine and have a similar thing going on…and not have to worry about bandwidth.

    Even a single-core pc with an 80gb Hard Drive would work fine. I see them all the time in thrift stores for cheap ($20 bucks or so)

    by Bulat Khamitov
    VNC will allow you to connect to your server remotely, as well as be able to use your keyboard, mouse, and monitor to interface with that server. Get it setup on your Ubuntu 12 cloud server.
  • Cheers for the advice. Id thought of that and its a good idea but id rather have it going on a server elsewhere i think. That way no headaches or tech to deal with. Im on a mac, so as long as i can use remote desktop to log in then sounds good. Didn’t think about the bandwidth issue though…good point.

    So you think unbuntu is best way to go? Will i have to install firefox on droplet ? Also…… is the flash/audio going to be an issue do you think ?

  • once you get vnc running, you can login using Mac’s remote desktop (which supports VNC)

    you will have a desktop environment to work with..can launch a browser and all that. You can install whatever browser plugins you need.
    The video will look weird and slow and choppy because you are streaming an entire desktop over the internet…not sure if that will work for you or not.

    Ubuntu will work, and has a lot of support. ..but any linux can be made to do the same thing.