Remove failed load balancer creations

July 15, 2019 86 views

I tried to create a load balancer earlier today and after the blue line got to the end, it popped up with a message saying that it failed and I should try again.
So, I tried again. It incremented the name (nyc1-load-balancer-01 and 02). It failed also. Now, under my control panel, there's 2 Load Balancers that just have Load Balancer creation failed. Please try again. messages.

So, two part question:

1) How can I get rid of those? There's no menu option or destroy button associated with it :/
2) Is there a secret to creating a load balancer? I clicked the "Create" button and the "Load Balancer"...filled out the requested info and clicked Create.

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I had a similar problem, after waiting an hour or so those load balancer should disappear.

You should be able to just click the "Create" button and the load balancer would spin up. Maybe there was a glitch last night, I just tried spinning up one now and it worked like a charm!


  • Thanks! I had an issue creating a droplet as well and submitted a ticket. I got an email that there was some issues going on in the data center I was using.

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