Remove www from my domain

December 16, 2018 583 views
Nginx Ubuntu 18.04

I just deployed a droplet in DO and this is my 1st time using an unmanaged VPS.
Please help me with the following.
I have a domain and when I access it like it's redirecting to
how can I remove that thing? I haven't enabled that thing, I don't even know how to do that.

And also, how can I upload files to my server so that when I open my, actual website will be shown.
I have 1 server and 2 domains pointing to it.

Here are the details.
I am using a CDN and DNS provided by stackpath. uses only DNS rovided by stackpath(just point A record to StackPath ip). uses both CDN and DNS provided by StackPath(point A record to stackpath ip address and full site CDN integration will be done).

Previously I used cPanel to upload my files. But here I don't know anything. How to manage 2 domains in a single server?
How to upload files to these 2 domains?

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