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Created 21 days ago:
Good afternoon!
We mistakenly attached the wrong card. Please unsubscribe card so that we can make a payment (Unpin the card from our account). Why do we invoices in the invoice VAT? We are not those who pay VAT. The first time we see in the invoice this very VAT, although we always pay through PayPal and we are from Russia, and not from Great Britain.

3 days ago:

Thank you for the update. 

We have successfully granted credit in the amount of $85.08, making the past due amount $459.01. A payment in this amount will remove the hold from the account. You are all set! 

We appreciate you being a DigitalOcean customer and please let us know if we can be of further assistance! 


DigitalOcean Support 
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We 20 days have found out why to us have added UK VAT and how to get rid of it. We are from another country, we do not have to pay it. When the issue was settled, it took us a while to pay the bill.

18 hours ago:
Please restore the account. We will pay within 24 hours.

But in the end, something happened that we did not expect from DO:

7 hours ago:


Your account was suspended today for nonpayment after we made several attempts to contact you about your balance. Our policy is to remove customer data after two weeks of delinquency but we accidentally ran an account purge action on your Droplets today. This means that your Droplets have been deleted. Because you had backups enabled on your Droplets, we have converted your backup images into snapshots as a courtesy. You can find these snapshots listed at this page on your Cloud Panel: 

If you have a snapshot listed, you can create a Droplet from this by selecting the More menu, and choosing “Create Droplet”. 

Again, we apologize for this and are happy to provide further guidance regarding your account. Please let us know if you have additional questions by replying to this ticket. 

Kind regards, 
Jon Leibowitz 

Platform Support Advocate

Our account was deleted, but there were backup copies. It seems nothing to worry about, right?

Hello Andrey,

Thank you for reaching out.

Your account had been suspended for nonpayment today, and we noticed that our account purge action ran a bit early on several accounts in this state. While suspension is communicated as a last step in the billing process for dealing with your amount past due, the removal of your data is performed after a brief grace period giving you more time to recover your data if necessary if you have been able to pay your bill after the notification.

This does mean that your account has been purged and the data has been removed permanently. We understand that there may have been an expectation of your data being available for a longer period of time after a suspension for nonpayment, and for that I deeply apologize.

Kind regards,
Daniel Zaltsman

Community Management

We have been at the DO for a long time, we did not refuse to pay, all this time we found out why we were charged taxes that we did not have to pay.

The ticket was created 21 days ago, all this time there was a correspondence that eventually decided in our favor, and then DO just deleted the account.

We are ready to pay at least now, but for what? 2 years of work are partially lost and no one can explain whether the backups were left. Now on our domains some sort of crap is displayed.

Now we are required to $ 936 to restore an empty account. DO, what’s wrong with you?

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What is your question for the DigitalOcean community?

We are trying to find a solution (to get an answer) how to achieve recovery of data that were mistakenly (negligence) deleted by DO managers.

  • Hi @a69eb50ee62519a

    Since this is a peer-to-peer community, most members here will not have access to the account in question. Any questions regarding your account would need to be directed to support in this case so that we can better assist you directly.

    In regards to backups / snapshots, if either were generated by your account, they can be used to restore from by creating/deploying a Droplet and selecting the snapshot image instead of an OS as you normally would. This would create a Droplet that is restored in the exact state as it was when the snapshot or backup was ran.

    When you click on Create, there should be a few tabs near the top which shows:

    Distributions - One-click apps - Snapshots

    When you click Snapshots, if available, you’ll be able to choose an image and that image will deploy with OS and data in-tact as it was when the snapshot or backup was created.

    Hopefully that helps in regards to snapshots. For anything else, I’d definitely recommend updating the ticket that you submitted so Platform Support can further assist.