Renaming Django application.

July 18, 2014 8.1k views

Hi guys,
As default DO creating Django droplet with django project located here :
Also main application is named djangoproject:

I want to correctly change name of main application to ‘core’.
So… my steps was:

  1. mkdir core’ at /home/django/djangoproject/
  2. cp -r ./djangoproject/* ./core’ at /home/django/djangoproject/
  3. then I changed every reference of application 'djangoproject’ to 'core’ in files:, etc.

After restarting gunicorn ('sudo service gunicorn restart’) I got only 502 Errors.

What did I miss? Is there any another settings I need to change? Maybe nginx or gunicorn settings? If 'yes’ - where these settings are located?

I’ll appreciate any suggestions.

P.S. sorry for my English -___-

1 Answer

Take a look at the Configuration Details section of How To Use the Django One-Click Install Image.

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