Replication of MySQL DB on Windows 2008 R2

Posted December 9, 2013 5.9k views
Hi, i need some help with setting up replication of My Sql DB's. It's one master and 1 slave server. What lines are required in the Master server .ini, what i ahve so far is # The MySQL server [wampmysqld] port = 3306 socket = /tmp/mysql.sock key_buffer = 16M max_allowed_packet = 16M table_cache = 64 sort_buffer_size = 512K net_buffer_length = 8K read_buffer_size = 256K read_rnd_buffer_size = 512K myisam_sort_buffer_size = 8M query_cache_size = 8M join_buffer_size = 128K thread_cache_size = 4 basedir=c:/wamp/bin/mysql/mysql5.5.20 log-error=c:/wamp/logs/mysql.log log-bin=mysql-bin server-id=1000 datadir=c:/wamp/bin/mysql/mysql5.5.20/data Secondly what do i need to add to the slave .ini file, and where do i place these lines These are Windows servers, WAMP server inside that. I really appreciate any help guidance as this a whole new world to me having never done anything like this. Thanks in advance

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"... as this a whole new world to me having never done anything like this."

Not to undermine what you're trying to do, and how you're trying to do it; but, what are you trying to accomplish? What's the end goal here? I only ask b/c there may be an easier, or more efficient, way of accomplishing the same thing.
I have 2 windows servers here that run the same database but at this point they don't replicate. I want to set up a master\slave system, has to be Master\slave as a business requirement.
Yes, that's more aimed at unix. I have progress, sort of, i got the slave running but it is also a master?, don't know how i managed that. How do i remove the master configuration from the slave server.

What's the syntax to set Binlog_do_DB as that is not set on the master server, does it have to be set?.
"Yes, that's more aimed at unix."

This entire company is aimed @ Linux (not just the article). Given that most people wouldn't walk into a hardware store and ask for a good dinner recipe. Why not ask your ?s in a Windows Server forum(s)?