Requesting on how to install a teamspeak server

Posted September 24, 2015 7.3k views
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I was wondering if anyone can supply an updated tutorial for Ubuntu 15.04 on installed a TeamSpeak server.

It doesn’t seem which one I install whether it’s the 32bit or the 64bit… But I always get a stupid error and the server never starts, but if I use an old server version of TeamSpeak it will work but I won’t get a privelage key because it doesn’t output what happens when it starts the server.

Can anyone who was able to install a TS server have the ability to make a tutorial for it for us? Or for me? Please and thanks..

I’ve researched every tutorial on it and I can’t find one that’s working for me.

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I could write you a tutorial if you got a bit of time. You need some stuff to get it working, and I need to know what OS you are using. I will make it then ASAP (probably tomorrow)

I have all the time in the world atm, I just want to know how it’s done correctly because I’ve had 0 luck..

My OS is Ubuntu 15.04

Bump :(

  • Thats no problem, I can write one.
    Just need some free time before I can do this.

    • I’ve been requesting this tutorial for nearly a month. Not to be that “guy” but if you can’t do it then please don’t say you can. :(

      I apologize for being an “arse” but don’t say you can do this if you are too busy to.

      • Hello,
        I know it has been a long time ago, but we (atleast I am) are here at the community to help in our free time. I was pretty busy, but willing to help you.
        Please check the following post:

        • Thank you so much for the tutorial, myself & my friends will find this very helpful.

          I want to apologize for “lashing” out like that, I was just getting frusterated at my terrible knowledge for this stuff :(

Hello everyone who needs a Teamspeak Server Tutorial. I have recently made a new one, check my latest tutorial on my blog: