Requests over VPC

Posted May 26, 2020 304 views

I have 2 droplets, say W (where I host my website) and C (a computing unit).

The user enters input on W which must be sent to C (I do this with ssh over the private network). On C, the input is received and an output is stored in a file. I need to publish that file in a database on W, and I would like to do this over the private network as well. Instead of doing this with ssh, I thought it might be a better choice to do it with a request (with python), so I could treat the request easily on W and store the payload (the file) in the database.

Is this do-able? I’m just a beginner. Would this work like any request over the public network or would I have to tweak my setup on W? (nginx + uwsgi + django).

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