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Posted February 8, 2013 51.1k views
Due to the nice API i've build a reseller website which enables me to resell your products. Before i'm going into beta-stage with it i'd like to ask if this is legal.

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What happens if one of my users distribute copyright protected material or does something other harmful? How can i assure that i resell it and that i am not reliable for what happened?
Yes you can resell the product via your own website.

Can my company get status of official reseller/representative for my country (Serbia) and/or south-east EU region?
It’ll be nice to have some official document (contract) you allow us to give offer in your name and do support for our market.

I want to resell, if one cloud break the rules if the blocked ip cloud or account DO ?

Perfect, thank you very much :-)
I think what you could do is make sure that all the restriction stated in DO's terms is reflected in yours. Then provide information on your site on how to submit requests for take-down of content on grounds of copyright infringement.
DMCA and other complaints must be responded and dealt with promptly. Failure to delay will cause us to suspend service for the running droplet server until the complaint is dealt with.
Thank you all for your answers regarding this topic. I'll adjust the terms and contact my legal advisor again so this is bulletproof.
Oops that was my "work account" :-) Still thanks!
can I get the API so I can Resell also
The API documentation can be found here:
Hi fs, I have interest in show your product to South America, especially in Brazil. If you have interest, i be here.
what about pricing for resellers ?
@support: Same pricing, we do not provide any reseller discounts at the moment.
Yeah! It's great! But how can i get a password on droplet creation?
Slightly old I agree but just use an SSH key?
I was looking at doing the same thing, and concluded that the only 'bulletproof' way to resell is if you can automate creation of other accounts. Unfortunately this is not possible through the API yet, as far as I am aware. You can create droplets for your customers, but then your account is on the line in the event of inevitable abuse.
I think it would we nice if DO follow what Linode did about account management. At Linode we can create new account based on 'master' account, we can assign new roles to this new account. So, we can guarantee that the new account can not something harmful to resource that owned by master account.

It would be perfect if DO implements those features :)
Sorry about the typo above, it should be 'it would be nice'.
any tutorial to use it on clientexec? thanks
@msyachrial: We do not provide a clientexec plugin so you will have to write your own based on our API docs:

I need to start reselling VPS or is there a special rate?

que necesito pra ser revendedor en españa y en brasil?

Hi there, I am not sure how else to contact you. I am curious whether you would be available for hire to build a droplet for us optimized for Magento. You mentioned elsewhere you had done this before using FPM, Varnish, etc. We would like to hire you, if possible, to create an optimized droplet and provide us the image along with documentation so we can re-use it for all of our Magento hosting moving forward. Thanks!

I read this:
Why should I care about this partner program?
Profit! The company that brought simplicity to scaling cloud infrastructure now rewards partners continually through our rebate & discount program.

So, how much discount/rebate is offering?


If my client do not pay for renewal,
can we suspend their droplets with API?

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