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Posted October 8, 2018 1.4k views

Ok, you’re going to have to excuse my ignorance here. I’m no systems developer/web developer/programmer of any kind. But I hope someone here is kind enough to help me solve the situation I am in.

I have a Droplet (SFO2 - CentOS 6.9 x64) that has Oracle installed for an Apex DB. The developer who installed Oracle has now disappeared and left me without access to Oracle itself. He gave me several sets of usernames and passwords, but it seems this one is missing. So my question is: how can we reset the Oracle credentials? We can log in to the console but can’t get access to Oracle.

I apologise upfront if I’ve used the wrong terminology.



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Hi Tom

Use the ‘orapwd’ util to change the password, which should be made available to you if you have the oracle bin in your PATH. This doesn’t require you to be logged in to Oracle but at this point the only option for you is to completely reset the SYS password.

I don’t mind helping with this if you’re not very familiar with the Linux command line and running things from the shell.


Ok, go ahead and login to your server as root (via the DO console). Then run these commands:

sqlplus /nolog
connect / as sysdba

copy/paste the output you get from these commands here to see how things are going.

Thanks, but I can’t copy from the console.

When I open the console I’m greeted with


I entered the first command and got an error SP-0734: unknown command beginning “SQLPLUS /N…”

so, I guess I’m already in the right place. Then I entered the next command and I get error : ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

I’m feeling like an idiot now as I can’t get the pipe character ( | ) to work in the console. It works in windows but I guess the keys on my keyboard are mapped differently in Linux for some reason. I’ve tried SHIFT + (every other key) and still can’t get a pipe. Because of this, and the fact I can’t paste either, I can’t advance past the first command (see screenshot)