Reset root password after PermitRootLogin no

June 17, 2019 288 views
Security Ubuntu 18.04

Hello! How are you?

Well, for security purposes I am trying to disable access from root. I am using the line: PermitRootLogin no". Password Authentication turned off too.
I am using SSH Keys.

The problem is when I access the Digital Ocean dashboard and click on reset root password. The new password is sent ok to my e-mail but I can’t access ssh root@ip again.

What should I do?

(If I change to PermitRootLogin on, I can access and recover it perfectly).

The point is recover access from clicking “reset root password” an gain access with permissions root login turned off…

Hope you understand (:


1 Answer

In this case you would need to login via the web console available in your DigitalOcean Cloud account area for that droplet.

Much more info can be found here:

In short, however, you should be able to block SSH for root login but still be able to login as root via the console.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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