Reset root password: Droplet shutdown

October 1, 2018 852 views
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On the Access tab for my droplet, it says:

Clicking Reset Root Password below will immediately shut down your Droplet and set a new root password.

The new root password will be emailed to you within a few minutes. If the email doesn't arrive or the new password doesn't work, try using the recovery environment.

Do you wish to proceed?

Will this shut down my live site for good?

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  • Only the person that has set'up the site will know that for sure. Normally it should be back online once the droplet is re'started(if the necessary start'up scripts are in place).

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Just in case, the whole server, including all services, will be shutdown. Your site will become unreachable throughout. Once the server boots back up, your services will be brought back up once by one if they're configured to start up on boot.

If you have an sysadmin on retainer, make sure they're around ready to pounce should any issue arise. Let me know if you need help.


Hello Unixy,

I have had the same issue and my services are shut down after Reset root password & Droplet shutdown.

What should I do - Droplet boots from its hard drive?

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