Resize droplet, CPU & RAM only

July 25, 2019 247 views
DigitalOcean Scaling Debian

Hello DO,
I cannot resize my droplet (name: RimszerverNY) from 1GB/1CPU to any higher. I’ve tried 2GB/1CPU, 3GB/1CPU, 2GB/2CPU, 4GB/4CPU, all of them says “Something went wrong sorry”. The droplet is shut down with the ‘powerdown’ command as you guys recommended, located on NYC1 data center.

I’d like to test the performance of different configurations before deciding what RAM/CPU ratio is optimal for my app, and I need to scale up this week.

Is there any special restriction for NYC1?
Should I fire up an configure a new droplet instead?


1 Answer

It must have been a temporary issue, it occured to me around 26/07/2019, 20:00, and now (0:00) I managed to resize it.

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