Resize droplet hdd space?

June 28, 2014 5.6k views

So im looking at snapshotting my current vps and creating a new vps with a larger disk size. My plan would then be to downgrade to a less powerful droplet after i have restored from my snapshot. Basically i need the space but not with all the power. So my question is this, if i create a new droplet with a 1tb hdd and restore my vps from a snapshot and then downgrade the droplet to the 1gb droplet what price will i be paying? Will i be paying the 1gb droplet price or the 1tb hdd droplet price?

Confusing i know!

Thanks anyway!

2 Answers

You can't downgrade a droplet once you've increased the hard drive space.

The droplets are setup with fixed disk/ram/cpu packages. You can't cherry pick more storage space or more CPUs, you are stuck working with one of the preset packages.

If you just need extra space you could look into using Google Drive. You can set up a folder in Google Drive to serve files for your website.

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