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Yesterday, while testing out a new droplet, I tried to resize it and was told it resizing was temporarily not available: "We are currently experiencing a large number of resize requests. Resizes for this region are currently disabled but will be re-enabled shortly and throughout the day to help spread the load." I was simply resizing for a benchmark, so I just deleted it and created a new larger droplet. Today, I created a new droplet, added some data and realised it needed to be a bit bigger. Tried resizing and got the same message. I've no idea if it's still broken from yesterday, or broken again. Is there a status feed somewhere that mentions which core features are currently out of order, and when they might be fixed? (just found something on Twitter: "once resize is enabled which will be very soon" - the last mention I could find, 8 hours ago).

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Resizing is temporarily disabled due to a large influx of new customers after our double RAM / SSD announcement. We also underestimated how many customers wanted to take advantage of the new sizes so we had to temporarily disable resize and turn it on / off throughout the day to throttle how many resizes were occurring at the same time.

If we left it open entirely your resize would be queued for several hours and the entire time the virtual server would be offline, so we thought this was a better approach.
I understand there are times when there are unexpected surges in demand that cause problems.

My question was more: what can a customer do to find out the status of widespread problems, and when they might be fixed? No just for this problem, but in the future (such as a power or network problem). Is there a status feed or status page to indicate major outages? The Twitter feed is way too chatty to monitor (real announcements wouldn't be noticed).
We are working on putting together a status page that will provide more clear information on the overall health of the cloud, but to make a status page that is really relevant and provides clear information takes a bit of work. Which is why we haven't launched one yet but it is on the roadmap.

We were honestly a bit surprised by the demand and how well received this latest announcement was.
In the mean time, an announcement letting us know what is going on and why and what you are doing, just like you did in this post, would be nice. You could add it to your blog. Right now the blog looks more like a news feed than a blog. I really like what you guys are doing, and am very patient. A little more pro-active communication to your customers goes a long ways. :) I other words, this post would have been nice if it was initiated by you and not a customer.
Great suggestion Eric.

And that's why we love our customers because they often point out things that we don't see, I think using this forum as a way for us to pro-actively communicate with our customers about various things outside of the blog is a great suggestion and I think we are going to test it out.

We can also highlight our own posts so they sit at the top and don't get flooded out if its an on-going issue or something that we want to make people aware of.

I'm also curious as to your comment about the blog, in that you said its more like a news feed, are there specific blog posts that you would like to see us write that would make it more engaging for you?

First I'd like to say that I am a big fan of what you are doing.

I know that I, as a single customer, am not "investing" a lot into your company. However, I am invested, in that I want you to succeed because you are providing a valuable service to me and my company. I am trusting you to have a reliable service. Without it, I would go else where because if you are down, I'm down. Feeling informed, especially if something is wrong, increases that trust. Hey, even the almighty Amazon has gone down numerous times.

As for the blog, It would be nice to feel a bit more apart of what's going on simply by you telling us. The way you have opened up and allowed this forum, plus uservoice, plus the IRC chat, makes it feel much more like an open-source community than a large business trying to make a buck. The last blog posting was for Thanksgiving. Obviously you were doing something between that time and Monday! :) Let us know what projects you are working on. Yes there is a balance between marketing, keeping your competition in the dark, and promoting yourselves to current and future clients. When projects and priorities change, as they always will, let us know. There are a lot of other companies in this industry that you are in competition with. Your prices and service, as well as the powerful servers and cost, have set you apart and is why I am using your services not just for myself, but I am migrating my company over too.

I guess I like transparency a lot, something I need to work on too with my clients ;) I hope this helps.

Good call Eric.

In this case between Thanksgiving and now what we were working on was the double RAM / SSD release and you are right we could have done another post saying hey guys, we are going dark for 2 months because we are going to be heads down building something really awesome to give back to our customers.

So I totally agree with you. We definitely want to have a high level of transparency which is why as you mentioned we have a lot of channels of communication and the blog is certainly one of them that we need to reinvent as another channel to engage with our customers and keep everyone informed of what's happening.

I think your suggestion is spot on and the timing couldn't be better as we are heading into the new year and trying to really structure things appropriately, make smart decisions, and continue to build out the product.

So we are definitely going to keep that in mind, thanks for sharing.
"We are currently experiencing a large number of resize requests. Resizes for this region are currently disabled but will be re-enabled shortly and throughout the day to help spread the load.".

How short is "shortly"? It's disabled yesterday and it's still disabled. This is getting ridiculous..
Sorry guys we are aware that is frustrating but we are cleaning up some back end code and should be ready to go tomorrow (Friday) on this.

Scouts honor!
Any update on when this will be available??
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