Restarted Droplet & now WordPress site not working 100% ?

June 7, 2016 1.9k views
WordPress PHP LEMP MySQL Nginx Debian


I recently shutdown my droplet to take a snapshot and after I booted it back up some functions on my site aren't working. Running latest single site wordpress install with woocommerce.

Here are the 2 things I have found so far that aren't working:

  1. My Shop mobile navigation filter button is not displaying;
  2. WooCommerce Instagram images are not showing up;

Any ideas?

Do any services not startup that would cause such issues. Obviously PHP, MySQL and NGINX are working, I can't think of anything else server side to cause the issue.

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Ditto. I am having the same problem. I can't get my site back up after shutting off the droplet.

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