Restoring a Joomla Site using Akeeba Backup

April 22, 2015 3.6k views


I just created a one-step Joomla droplet.

I have an Akeeba Backup which I uploaded using FileZilla.

As soon as it tries to restore the site, it throws the following error:
Could not open /var/www/html/installation/README.html for writing.

Also, once all the files are written, I will need to run through the standard Joomla install. How do I find out what are the database name & credentials I need to enter during that phase?


3 Answers

Are you still having difficulty with this?

Can we get some help with this? I’m also having the issue of not knowing my database credentials. I used the joomla prebuilt site.

  • You can find the MySQL credentials in Joomla’s config file: /var/www/html/configuration.php.

    The username is joomla_user and the password can be found by running:

    grep DBPASSWORD /var/www/html/configuration.php

To use SFTP in Akeeba Kickstart PHP SSH2 needed.

apt-get install libssh2-php
php -m | grep ssh2
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