Restoring droplet from snapshot error droplet is inactive

November 22, 2019 106 views

I have destroyed original droplet and still have same project but when I try to restore droplet from snapshot it’s giving me an error “droplet is inactive”. What am doing wrong?

Images > Snapshots > Select droplet > Click “More” > Restore Droplet.

Thank you.

1 Answer

Hello, @HNL

To restore a Droplet from one of its snapshots, click Images from the top menu of the DigitalOcean Control Panel. This takes you to a list of all the snapshots available in your account.

Find the snapshot you want to restore the Droplet from and open its More menu, then select Restore Droplet. A Restore Droplet window confirms that the existing Droplet will be replaced with the older snapshot image.

Let me know how it goes.


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