Restriction about DNS service usage

May 31, 2013 2.2k views
Hi, Currently I have a droplet up and running for my domain. Is there any restriction about the DNS usage? For example, is the following scenarios permitted Add a domain that is completely unrelated to the droplet. If I destroyed all the droplet, will the DNS service be suspended? Regards, Tony Tsang
3 Answers
It's okay to create a DNS record that points to an external host. The DNS service will not be suspended if you destroy all of your droplets.
Can you post an example of this? I am trying to point some subdomains to external hosts but instead the external host is treated like a subdomain.

For example the zone file show "downloads CNAME" and dig outputs " 599 IN CNAME"
@mikowals you have to suffix it with a dot so "downloads CNAME"
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