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December 21, 2016 1.4k views
Backups CentOS

Hi all. I’m configuring a high-end DO droplet using Vesta CP to host about 5-10 WordPress websites.

If I enable droplet backups, is it possible for me to use it to restore specific content (e.g. a database or a user’s directory) rather than the entire droplet?

I ask because if only one website has an issue, but I restore the entire droplet, it is overkill and would revert any of the changes done on the other websites as well.

Thanks in advance.

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Not really, no but there is a workaround. If you run into this situation, you can convert your most recent backup image to a snapshot in the control panel. Then you can use it to create a new droplet, copy the files off that droplet that you need, and then destroy the temporary droplet.

  • Thanks @ryanpq for the reply. That is a good workaround. It seems I can create the droplet directly from the backup (without the need for making a snapshot first). Would that work the same way?

    Thanks again.

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