Reverse dns should follow hostname or domain name? Plus is A record required?

April 23, 2015 1.5k views
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Droplet hostname = whereby = landing biz page and = for [client abc] and = for [client xyz] etc.

Q1) Should my reverse dns be OR

Q2) Do i need to create a => A record : [mail] [droplet IP] if my reverse dns is ?
e.g. reverse : A record : [hello] [droplet IP]
even if is not serving any webpages

Thanks in advance.

1 Answer


You should set your hostname to or whatever hostname you use for sending mail. This is what’s important for the PTR as it’s mainly only used for mail purposes.

For your second questions, yes, you will want a A record pointing to the IP address of your droplet so that it resolves.

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