December 3, 2013 1.7k views
Hi, I am totally new to this. I want to have the UniFi controller software for Ubiquiti WiFi AP's on the DigitalOcean cloud service. I created the account, loaded Linux and wander what to do next. If this is relatively easy to upload and deploy the software I am happy to follow the manual. Otherwise I am happy to PAY someone to do this for me. Smiles across the wires, Rogier
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I don't think their UniFi AP software supports linux, I only see Mac and Windows packages.

It does support Linux, but honestly, if you cant get past creating the droplet I would not use Linux for a controller. Because when it breaks you won't have any idea what to do...

And I'm not gonna lie, your website has you offering UniFi as a service to your customers, yet you have to pay someone else to set it up for you, that's pretty sad.

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