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Hi Sir Recently i installed ubuntu 14. 04 . Last few days on wards it says “File has 0 bytes space remaining” , I want to increase the size of file system, how can i increase file system size in my ubuntu.

dell@dell-Inspiron-3521:~$ df  -h

Filesystem      Size   Used  Avail  Use%    Mounted on
/dev/sda1        4.5G   4.5G     0       100%      /
none                4.0K      0       4.0K   0%         /sys/fs/cgroup
udev                1.9G    4.0K    1.9G   1%         /dev
tmpfs              383M  1.1M     382M   1%      /run
none               5.0M     0        5.0M   0%      /run/lock
none               1.9G     26M    1.9G   2%       /run/shm
none               100M   72K     100M   1%      /run/user
/dev/sda3       4.5G   25M     4.2G   1%      /boot
/dev/sda4        83G   2.7G     76G   4%      /home
/dev/sda2       367G   841M   348G   1%     /media/dell/e62310a3-87c1-4575-bebf-b45b2a260dd9

And can i change my hard disk name, it ( e62310a3-87c1-4575-bebf-b45b2a260dd9 ) was generated automatically when the ubuntu Opearating System installed.

                                  Thank You Sir.
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This is a little bit off-topic here. This site is a bit more server orientated. It looks like you’ve used up all the room on your / partition. Though you seem to have plenty of room on your /home partition. Unfortunately, you cannot resize a partition while it is mounted. You you’ll need to boot using a LiveCD and use GParted to shrink /dev/sda4 and grow /dev/sda1

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