Root Password Not Sending To My E-Mail

February 26, 2017 1.5k views
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Preface: I am not new to configuring my own servers from scratch.

My root password is not being sent to my email, so therefore, I cannot do anything with my server. Honestly, what a disastrous process. I changed my account e-mail address today, and it was a confirmed change, and now shows up under my account. Has anyone had this issue?

I already have SSH keys generated, and can connect via Putty, but then you get the idiotic "Must change root password immediately" message. I don't have my password since, DO is not sending it to me.


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  • I was wondering if you tried re-generating the password as I've done that on the rare occasion when it didn't work. Go to the access tab in the left nav menu then generate the click the reset password button there, which will reset it and email it to you. Also, just to confirm, you've successfully received other emails from DO?

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If you're not receiving an e-mail with the root password, your best bet would be to get in touch with support by opening a ticket through the DO control panel.

The only time you shouldn't receive a password via e-mail is if you deployed the Droplet with an SSH key (or multiple) at deployment time.

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