Rootkit warning message - a question

January 5, 2014 2.3k views
Hi, Should I be worried about this message from rkhunter? Warning: The following processes are using deleted files: Process: /usr/sbin/mysqld PID: 723 File: /tmp/ibbHqlhP Process: /usr/bin/python2.7 PID: 8085 File: /usr/bin/python2.7 Many thanks in advance.
2 Answers
Process: /usr/sbin/mysqld PID: 723 File: /tmp/ibbHqlhP 

That's fine, MySQL writes temporary tables to /tmp.
Process: /usr/bin/python2.7 PID: 8085 File: /usr/bin/python2.7

It seems like the python2.7 executable was replaced—have you upgraded python recently?
Hi Kamil,

No, This is a pretty fresh droplet. Only added mod-security and denyhosts, then rkhunter and clamav (but clam was installed after the rootkit scan).
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