Round robin DNS

November 11, 2013 5.4k views
Hey guys, I have two droplets on which I'll like to balance requests with the round robin algorithm. Problem is, I'm really too sure how to do this. If I go under the DNS section, then hit the "Add domain" button, I must enter the domain and choose 1 ip/droplet. That done, I'm trying to modify the A entries to have one for the first droplet and another one for the second droplet. Problem is, this doesn't seem to work, and all the requests are forwarded to the droplet I selected when creating the domain. I guess I'm missing something obvious, and I'd like your inputs on that. Thank you!
3 Answers
Round robin DNS do supported. Simply create two A/CNAME records of the same name.
Just got an answer from support, they do not offer dns round robin, but there is guides on how to do it with HAProxy or Nginx
Interesting, thanks for updating this thread Julien. Noted!
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