Roundcube customization by ISPConfig

March 20, 2014 5.7k views
Hi everybody, I installed with success roundcube by ISPConfig and it works I visualize: http://www.domain.ext/webmail I would like to have webmail.domain.ext How can I fix it? Thanks in advance Regards
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Hello Paolo

You can create a virtual host in Apache that points to your roundcube directory. Then make sure that webmail.domain.tld points to the server which is running your roundcube.

A quick example:

1. go to /etc/apache2/sites-available

2. then create a new file called webmail.domain.tld

3. inside that file insert the following

DocumentRoot /your/path/to/roundcube
DirectoryIndex index.php
ServerName webmail.domain.tld

4. use the command --> a2ensite webmail.domain.tld

5. use the command --> service apache2 reload

6. make sure your DNS is pointing webmail.domain.tld to your server with Roundcube.
Edit to last post:

seems like it didn't wanted to have the "
3. at the very start there should be and at the end there should be
Hmm it doesn't like the reversed ">" sign and just deletes everything on a line after it here.

there should be >VirtualHost *:80> at the start and >/VirtualHost> at the end of the 3. part.

Hope it works this time and the ">" sign should ofc be turned the right way when you insert it.
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