Route incoming OpenVPN to outgoing PPTP

May 1, 2017 464 views
Networking Ubuntu 16.04

I set up OpenVPN a while ago on my Droplet using the DO tutorial and it works fine.

I also have a company PPTP VPN, which I'm not able to access through mobile network, because GRE packets are blocked or something. So I thought I'd just set up my Droplet to connect to the company PPTP VPN and I'd have a proxy. So it would go Me (Windows 10) -> OpenVPN -> Droplet -> PPTP -> Company.

I think I've successfully set up the PPTP vpn connection, at least it connects. However, I don't know how to route the network to go through it. I tried one of those sites to check what my external IP is expecting it to be from the company's country, but it remained in the Droplet's country.

It would be preferable to only route the connection through the PPTP vpn when it's actually active (I don't want it running constantly, just on demand)

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