Route traffic from OpenVPN Server through Client

January 21, 2014 20k views
I have a VPN server running on a droplet, and a router is connected as a client to the server. I want to route IP traffic to a subnet behind this router. So I try to create the following static route: The server is running an OpenVPN Server on the following subnet: The router (client) is connected with the IP: The subnet behind this router is: So I try to create the following static route using: # route add -net netmask gw SIOCADDRT: No such process - or - # ip route add via dev tun0 RTNETLINK answers: No such process Is it even possible what I'm trying to achieve, or how can I achieve the same result without having to create multiple site-to-site VPN's for each client?
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Further information of what I was trying to achieve:

The issue has been solved using this information:
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