RSA fingerprint doesn't match

April 11, 2015 3.2k views
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When creating a server on the droplet page i copy paste a 4096 key (made with puttygen) but when i open the server in putty i get a different fingerprint and it says that it is a 2048 bit key. Does digital ocean change the key?

Also if i chose to login anyways ignoring that the fingerprint doesn’t match it works but it also says last login from which i looked up and is Atlantic metro communications.

2 Answers

Public key authentication is not the same as SSH Host keys and is DigitalOcean.

  • So then how do i check to make sure that is the fingerprint of the droplet i just created. If its not the same as the key i made.

The one you made is a public key. It has nothing to do with your host key/fingerprint.
You can login into the console and check the fingerprint of your host keys if you insist.

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