Rstudio and shiny server connection problems ( refused to connect)

Posted April 16, 2016 13.5k views
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I have set up Rstudio and shiny servers. Both seemed to be working OK (the demo apps work and I can log into & use Rstudio from a browser). But now I have two (possibly related?) problems:

  1. In Rstudio, I get this error “ refused to connect” whenever I try to run a Shiny app or even try to open a help page. (e.g. ?runApp, or ?mean).

  2. I copied an existing shiny app to /srv/shiny-server/. It worked fine at first, but after I made some changes (on a local version of R) and replaced the files on the server, I get this error when trying to launch the app:

An error has occurred
The application failed to start.
The application exited during initialization.

Warning in readLines(file, warn = FALSE) :
cannot open file ’/srv/shiny-server/SMP_shinyapp/global.R’: Permission denied
Error in readLines(file, warn = FALSE) : cannot open the connection
Calls: runApp -> <Anonymous> -> sourceUTF8 -> readUTF8 -> readLines
Execution halted

I am very new to using servers, ubuntu etc. I got as far as I did by following tutorials and googling stuff, but now I am completely stuck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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There is probably a mismatch in ownership. /srv/shiny-server is owned by root, when you copied the files the system retained your owner.

Explain that answer, please. I have the same problem as the original question poser. I have two apps which are running on my shiny-server just fine and one which seems to have exactly the same permissions as these first two but generates an error when I try to run it (as per the error referenced by the original questioner). It seems to be something to do with the app itself.

Any luck with this? I am experiencing the same problem.

Please check your credentials properly. Also, if it is ok then check your directory permissions and assign you as an owner so that you can change your directory but make sure that no other users can change your directory, only you can change your directories.

Once I came across this situation while using Shiny and RStudio. When you are working with servers, it is always a permissions issue.

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