Run a .exe on Cloud

February 10, 2019 683 views
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I’m starting on the cloud world now! Some people suggested use the Digital Ocean to run my application.
The problem is that, besides a site developed using Angular, my solution have a .exe, that runs like a sevice that receive data for devices, this exe is extremely important for my solution. My question is: Can I run a .exe (I used c# to develop it) on Digital Ocean enviroment?


1 Answer

DigitalOcean Droplets are all different linux distributions, which do not run .exe files (that is a windows executable file type). There are technically ways you could run an .exe on a linux system, but it’s not a particularly good idea, especially simply for moving data around.

Since you said you are the developer and therefore presumably have access to the source code, if it does not require any other windows-specific dependencies you should be able to recompile the C# source for use on a linux system.

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