Run Mail-in-a-Box in the same droplet as my website and API

July 9, 2018 107 views
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I have a domain registered with Godaddy called
I am running a REST API and my basic html website on the same droplet.

Now I want to run our own mail server, I read the article on but this seems to be only to run a whole droplet as a mail server (and not a subdomain).

How can I achieve this to run the Mail-in-a-box on the same droplet without problems for the API and website?

Thanks in advance for any help

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Hello friend!

While it is technically possible to do what you are asking, I wouldn't feel comfortable giving a step by step process. I'll gladly explain. You see, applications which are intended to take over an entire server often have update processes that assume you have not made unintended modifications. My fear is that I might lead you into it, and then later your website may go down and become an emergency for you.

In this case I highly recommend running the mail-in-a-box script on it's own server, as this is more in line with what it's developers intended.

Kind Regards,

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