runcloud ssl =(

May 19, 2017 1.5k views

Every time I install ssl through the ssl generation error portal, I would like to know a method you can use to run the free run cloud service? , I have a question every time I put to connect via .htaccess of the 500 error on the server, well I’m with ssl keys here on the computer but I’m not able to install have some tutorial?

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@thiago9a9bd536202898bce79b is independent of DigitalOcean.

Their service provides integration with DigitalOcean which automatically deploys and configures the Droplet as per the specifications of their service.

I’ve not personally used them myself, though if there’s an issue with the control panel or service, you would need to get in touch with them directly to see if they can further assist.

@woet @charlur

English may not be his native language guys – that’s the case for a lot of customers using DigitalOcean. Neither post really offered any benefit or constructive feedback.

Some use a translator, some do the best they can. I don’t speak a second language myself, so if I tried to write out a question in German or one of numerous languages spoken outside the US, mine probably wouldn’t look any better.

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