Running Folding@Home on my VPS

May 25, 2015 3.1k views
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Hello, I’m a fairly new customer and fairly new to using a VPS in general. I mainly use my VPS for testing my software, hosting an OpenVPN server, etc.

Now, a fair amount of the time my VPS is just sitting there waiting to be used. I got the idea to use it for Folding@Home sometimes to contribute some to research since I already have the resources but don’t actually use them all the time. I can’t seem to find anything in de DigitalOcean FAQ. Does anyone have an idea whether this is allowed on my VPS? I really like DO so I don’t want to get in trouble :D. I probably would set an execution cap at like 50% or so, and only enable it when I’m not using it myself.

Thanks everyone!

4 Answers

There are no unused CPU resources on a VPS. This will only hurt the performance of others.

My feeling is that you pay DO to rent a discrete set of resources and they are yours to use (in a legal and non-abusive way, of course - which this clearly is).

@tibaal89 That’s what I thought too. I really want to help this project and I pay for the resources anyway. Couldn’t find anything in the FAQ about it so I wanted to check first.

Same idea, I’ll try it.

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