Running Memcache on separate droplet - Worth it?

October 12, 2013 4.2k views
I'm considering running Memcache on a separate droplet, but need to do this in "Amsterdam 1" where private networking is not available. My concern is that communication between Apache and Memcache will be to slow over the droplets public IP addresses and that this will "eat up" most of the increased performance from using Memcache. Anyone with experience or knowledge about this that have some qualified advice to give?
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Running memcached on the public interface of a separate droplet in the same datacenter does not degrade its performance as it gets routed internally and not through the public internet (you can test it by running a traceroute from an AMS droplet to another AMS dropelt) so it will have the same performance of running on a private network.

Just make sure you firewall your memcached droplet and you should be good to go :]
Thank you for the feedback, this was exactly what I was hoping for :-).

@kamaln7 Thanks for the answer. And what about replication of memcache based sessions between droplets not hosted in the same datacenter ? Its it safe and efficient ?

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