Running two WordPress sites using Apache, first one is redirecting to the other? SSL w/ LetsEncrypt, 16.04

October 9, 2017 1.1k views
Apache WordPress Let's Encrypt Ubuntu 16.04

Hey there,

I'm having a problem where my domain is being redirected to another wordpress site on my server,
Some older (2013) tutorials seem to say that for multiple WordPress sites I would need Docker, but newer posts on the community seem to have people running multiple WordPress sites just fine using Apache normally to redirect domains.
I also have two other static HTML sites on this droplet which are not affected by this glitch, and they get directed to their appropriate folders normally.

Here's what I did:
I started a WordPress site with the domain, DNS server is pointed to my droplet IP with an A record. This is in the directory /var/www/dp

I then (months later) started another WordPress site with another domain (and separate databases),, DNS server pointed the same way. I encrypted it with LetsEncrypt, and then also encrypted my first wordpress site as well. This site is in the directory /var/www/512

Here are my Apache config files for:


My hostname for the machine is:

My hosts file has as

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can't seem to track this one down...

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