S3 ListObjectsV2 operation: api error NotImplemented, Server does not support one or more requested headers

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I am trying to use Digitalocean spaces using the AWS-SDK V2 for Golang.

Everything works almost fine until the point where I attempt to perform an operation, then I get the error below;

operation error S3: ListObjectsV2, https response error StatusCode: 501, RequestID: , HostID: , api error NotImplemented: Server does not support one or more requested headers. Please see

Going through the error link, I understand that certain operations on Spaces on DO are not supported using AWS-SDK, however, CRUD operations are supported.

Also, this is very similar to the Upload file example in the Spaces API documentation here

Here’s a snippet of the code being used to perform the operation;


package graph

// This file will be automatically regenerated based on the schema, any resolver implementations
// will be copied through when generating and any unknown code will be moved to the end.

import (


type S3PutObjectAPI interface {
    PutObject(ctx context.Context,
        params *s3.PutObjectInput,
        optFns ...func(*s3.Options)) (*s3.PutObjectOutput, error)

func PutFile(c context.Context, api S3PutObjectAPI, input *s3.PutObjectInput) (*s3.PutObjectOutput, error) {
    return api.PutObject(c, input)

func (r *mutationResolver) UploadProfileImage(ctx context.Context, input model.ProfileImage) (bool, error) {
    SpaceName := os.Getenv("DO_SPACE_NAME")
    key := os.Getenv("ACCESS_KEY")
    secret := os.Getenv("ACCESS_SECRET")
    token := os.Getenv("API_TOKEN")

    _, userErr := r.GetUserField("id", *input.UserID); if userErr != nil {
        fmt.Errorf("error getting user: %v", userErr)

    customResolver := aws.EndpointResolverFunc(func(service, region string) (aws.Endpoint, error) {
        return aws.Endpoint{
            URL:         fmt.Sprintf(""),
        }, nil

    cfg, err := config.LoadDefaultConfig(
        func(options *config.LoadOptions) error {
            options.Credentials = credentials.NewStaticCredentialsProvider(key, secret, token)
            options.EndpointResolver = customResolver
            options.Region = "fra1"

            return nil
    ); if err != nil {
        fmt.Errorf("error getting config: %v", err)

    client := s3.NewFromConfig(cfg)

    objectsInput := &s3.ListObjectsV2Input{
        Bucket:  aws.String(SpaceName),

    objects, err := client.ListObjectsV2(context.TODO(), objectsInput)

    // print out <nil> even when there are files in the bucket

    fileInput := &s3.PutObjectInput{
        Bucket: aws.String(SpaceName),
        Key:    aws.String(input.File.Filename),
        Body:   input.File.File,
        ACL:    "public-read",

    _, putErr := client.PutObject(context.TODO(), fileInput); if putErr != nil {
        fmt.Printf("error uploading file: %v", err)

    return true, nil

Note: This operation is being performed from a resolver function within a GraphQL backend application. Here is a link to the entire resolver file.

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It seems to be not supported, as it is stated in this doc:

To list the contents of a bucket, send a GET request to ${BUCKET}.${REGION}

Note: The version 2 list type is not currently supported.

You can consider using an older version s3.ListObjects