Same payment information for two accounts, one is personal and one is for my student organization. This is NOT FRAUD. Please unlock.

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This account is now locked, I guess because I provided the same billing information as I did in my personal account. However, we are a student organization, and this account is meant to be used for migrating our official website. As a student organization we currently can’t operate that formally and have a separate credit card for organization, that’s why I filled out the same billing information. I chose Digital Ocean because our previous server sucked and I feel digital ocean is the best out there. Please solve the situation.

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Please open a ticket with DigitalOcean through

Dear John,

This is not the place to post this.

As a precaution DO flags things like this to avoid “fraud”.

Login to your account and post a support ticket and wait.

K.. Thanks!

There has been a ticket and I’ve provided all the necessary information, but received no response by now. How long am I supposed to wait? We need to install a ERP software for our organization ASAP. Now that I’ve been locked, I see in terms of service that “Subscribers are restricted from registering multiple Accounts with the same billing details without first notifying DigitalOcean of that intent.” But I didn’t even know this before I registered and provided the billing info(your link to terms of service was written in a very light color, hardly visible), not to mention “notify DigitalOcean of that intent”. Please consider improving your registration process so that users don’t feel they’re being locked out of nowhere.

  • Generally terms of services are found either at the top or bottom of the provider’s front page. In Digitalocean’s case, the button is at the bottom left. During registration it’s expected that people will read the terms of services of what they are subscribing to, precisely to prevent a situation in which they unknowingly break them and cause a service outage.

    hopefully you’ve been unlocked by now but this would be something to keep in mind in the future.

    • @gparent This is my first post in DO forum. I was also thinking about creating a second account at some point, and was curious if I am allowed to do so. I ended up seeing multiple such posts, and not to mention DigitalOcean’s Legalese - which I must admit, is very nicely explained in plain English!

      But I also feel that since this seems to be occurring to quite a few people now, it would be helpful to mention the same during the registration process. While everyone is “expected” to read terms and conditions in detail, most people, realistically (and wrongly) do not do so. In which case it might help in highlighting this more clearly to unsuspecting users.

      On the other hand, maybe DO’s registration process has intentionally not explicitly highlighted to users that the same billing address, etc. should not be used across accounts - to ‘catch’ fraudsters more effectively in the first place.

      So I also do not know what a good solution is for this issue.

      • To be honest, I don’t think it’s possible to force people to read terms of services. Either you’re experienced or smart and you know it’s important to double-check before triggering edge cases like this, or you don’t, and no amount of hand holding is going to help you.

        By doing it this way, regular users will be explained why their account had a problem and be on their merry way within hours if they decide to answer the support ticket. Meanwhile, fraudsters also get caught. Seems like a win-win.

        • I understand where you are coming from, I guess I just have a different point of view.

          I do agree that we can’t force people to read lengthy Legalese. But if fair number of people are facing a specific problem, a certain amount of “hand-holding” might not be the worst idea, and can be potentially helpful.

          One concern I had was that @BTP ’s support request seemed to take a long time to be acknowledged by support staff - but maybe things have changed now. My experience with DO in general has been excellent so far!

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