Says Nodejs app is running but I can't see it?

August 23, 2018 772 views

I am able to successfully run this project locally. It is simply a node.js app serving a front end.

Affer SSHing into my droplet and running npm start, my logs say:

"App listening on port 8000!"

But after checking the page just grinds and nothing pops up. How can I debug this?

  • Thanks. This site says the port is closed for anything I try. Including my localhost.

    In my droplet, running lsof -i:8000 shows the port is running something on Node, but no luck in getting it to pop up...

  • Additionally, even if I wanted to kill the process on port 8000 it keeps restarting it somehow.

  • Did you check the internal firewall? Something like ufw or IPTables might be blocking it...
    Maybe post some more information, like logs, netstat or lsof

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