"Scan Interference" PCI compliance test issue

August 10, 2017 3.2k views
LEMP Security Ubuntu 16.04

i created a fresh LEMP droplet but when i do a PCI scan (using “hackerguardian.com”) i get the following:

Status: Automatic Failure as listed by the PCI SSC (This must be resolved for your device

Plugin: “Scan Interference”

Synopsis: Possible scan interference detected.

The results of the scan indicate scan interference may have occurred during the scanning process. This may be caused by the server not responding during scanning or if it stopped responding during the scan. Please check for the ‘Open Port Re-check’ report item in the case where the server stopped responding. Please ensure that all IP Addresses and publicly accessible ports are accessible to the scanners for the full duration of the scan. If you have checked this and can confirm that no scan interference has taken place this item may be marked as a false positive. Please provide full details to confirm the scan completed without any interference.

i installed NO firewall or anything from my side, so my question is , what is causing the “Scan Interference” ?

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Did you ever find the solution? Running into this issue myself. Thanks!

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