Scared of being DDoS'd / Filtered Droplet?

June 14, 2016 1.6k views
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Hey guys!

So I’m about to release a multiplayer game using nodejs. Am kind of worried about getting DDOS’d, and then my droplet gets offline for around 3 hours I heard?

Is it possible to buy a DDoS-Filtered IP/Droplet instead?

I know there are so many ways to help prevent it. I could use cloudflare now since they support Websockets. Or GRE Tunnel from a BuyVM filtered ip. Cloudflare has a limit on their Websocket connections and they have regular updates (of which ws servers go offline) — Just not sure what to do right now :D


1 Answer

“Is it possible to buy a DDoS-Filtered IP/Droplet instead?”


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